Di Mai Story

Located in the lively inner HCMC, Di Mai restaurant with its fearsome dining space would cast your pressure of life aside and help take pleasure in the culinary delights of the country.

From the deep notion of Vietnamese, their cuisine is invariably attached with the image of rustic countryside food. Paying Di Mai a visit; However, diners would be astonished by the subtle and distinctive architecture language between Vietnamese countryside and Indo-Chinese, reminiscent of the good old Saigon streets. So is our focal point – The dinner table in the concept of a tuk-tuk. Moreover, the great deal of attention to renovate Ao Dai for waiter/waitress and Vietnamese pattern aprons for chef partly accomplish the unique trait of Di Mai.

The harmonious blend of Vietnamese state-of-the-art and orthodox design builds up Di Mai’s focal point. The 2 facade dining room conceives the subtle uniqueness of street food and traditional cooking techniques throughout various regions. Meanwhile, the procedure and decoration has a contemporary feel to it.

The “motivator” of Di Mai

Head chef Vu (Nguyen Duc Van Vu) has almost 20-year-experience in cooking. He is also an inspirator for the youth whose know-how not only comes from cooking but also diversified approaches to cuisine throughout the country.

Head Chef Vu longs to serve impeccable dishes with a great sense of aroma and beauty for your utter food experience at Di Mai.

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