Di Mai’s new menu – where Vietnamese cuisine is nurtured and sublimated

Cross culture communication allows Vietnamese people to enjoy a wide variety of culinary cultures in the world, but Vietnamese cuisine – with its fresh, bright flavors heavy on seafood and liberal with its use of herbs – still places an important role in Vietnamese lives and captures the hearts of them. Di Mai restaurant not only serves Vietnamese food but also transmits traditional cultural values to their beloved diners. And these traditional values are nurtured and sublimated through dishes on the Di Mai’s new menu that has launched on November 6, 2018. It promises to be the best choice for diners to experience Vietnamese cuisine’s cooking style in an open space.

Vietnamese cuisine features dishes from rice or sticky rice, has low – fat ingredients and always enhance the harmony between taste and flavor to create a perfect balance of sour – spicy – salty – sweet. Therefore, to meet the strict requirements of Vietnamese cuisine in the new menu, experts and head chefs of Di Mai took several months to discover new ingredients, find out creative recipes from three regions to increase the flavors of dishes but still maintain the authentic taste of traditional Vietnamese food.

The dishes of the new menu of Di Mai will bring an emotional journey of Vietnamese food experiences

The impression of Di Mai’s New Menu is a sophisticated, creative variation when combining elements of different culinary traditions from 3 regions of Vietnam with presenting modern cooking techniques in order to suit diners’ prefers. The journey through classic Vietnamese cuisine begins with many dishes such as Crab Law herb salad, pan sheer satay beef, kumquat dressing; Grilled pork ribs, honey garlic glaze, Steamed mixed vegetables, caramelized fish sauce; Deep fried seabass, tamarind sauce…  that gives people a new culinary experience but still retaining the familiar taste.

Crab Law herb salad, pan sheer satay beef

Deep fried seabass, tamarind sauce

Banh mi is the world’s best sandwich voted by BBC

Besides, for those who are living far away from their hometown and looking for familiar flavors, typical dishes from all over Vietnam such as Assorted rolls platter, Grilled chicken in the bamboo tube… will be the paramount choice to have a memorable treat.

Rice noodles, pork, spring rolls and Wok-fried beef noodle for breakfast

Di Mai assorted rolls platter includes marinated pork ears, pork belly, shrimp paste on sugar cane, beef lalot leaf, rice noodles, fresh herbs

Grilled chicken in the bamboo tube

The deliciousness of the dishes will be enhanced if you enjoy it along with the refreshing tropical juices. And finally, you can not ignore Di Mai’s wonderful desserts such as Homemade yogurt, fermented purple rice; Da Lat passion fruit, baked coconut custard … that are is meticulously crafted by enthusiastic chefs with a strong passion for traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Di Mai dishes are more delicious when enjoying it with drinks in a cozy ambiance that resonates Saigon 1960s style.

As an inspirational documentary about the Vietnamese cuisine of the past and present, the new menu of Di Mai promises to bring an unforgettable journey to their beloved dinners. Whenever enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can feel the good flavor of dishes in the ambiance which resonates the ancient Pearl of the Far East, bringing back the old memories in the past.