15th June 2016

Dì Mai’s Story

“Food is the center of life” -

 Dì Mai was raised on freshly cooked home meals for which ingredients were bought on a daily basis. From her early teens, with her parents involved in running their own businesses, Dì Mai had to cook the family meals. She was taught the basic philosophy behind Vietnamese cuisine – the emphasis on balancing yin and yang through ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ ingredients – and also her family philosophy “food is the center of life”. Then, cookery became her passion and was a vital connection between Dì Mai and traditional value.

Dì Mai is a representative of Vietnamese woman who grew up in traditional environment but had opportunity to integrate with foreign cultures. Dì Mai’s culinary ethos centers on fresh, ethically sourced ingredients, Vietnamese heritage in modern tough – her food was the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Throughout the wonderfully varied regional cuisines of Vietnam: the Simple North, the Sophisticated Center and the full-flavored South, Dì Mai believes that within reason anything can taste good with a bit of care and thought. 

Nowadays, even when the network is bigger, the languages offer diverse views of the world; the offering of a delicious meal spoke volumes, from wife to husband, from mother to child, from local friends to foreign buddies. Food as bond, as the spiritual glue of a culture.